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YORC Engines Limited

We are a UK corporation of complimentary business units that design, manufacture, distribute and provide services to engines, alternators and related technologies. YORC products are the result of state-of-the-art technology along with the integrated design and manufacturing which seeks to fulfil customer requirements for reliability, product quality, rated performance and efficient operations.
Diesel power generating sets remain the number one choice of standby and emergency power systems worldwide. We developed our YORC engines and alternators back in 2018, as the premium result of technological collaboration between us and the world-renowned R&D center in UK.
They are characterized by high availability and low operating costs. YORC partners and customers appreciate YORC’s excellence. Since its launch, YORC has made its recognition in the West African market and is continuously gaining popularity and acceptability as a power generation solution for telecommunications, industrial, oil & gas, bank facilities, and the residential sector. YORC has already been tested and approved by Mikano International Limited, a leading West African Generator company with a legacy of over 27 years in the energy field.
With our brand YORC, we want to be valued by our customers as their most enterprising and trusted energy partner that adds profitable and sustainable values to their business. Looking forward for a mutually beneficial relationship with you.

Having the capability to start and assume load on immediate basis at rated load in single step, YORC high-speed liquid fuel engines and generator sets are epitome of rugged dependability, reliable mechanical and electrical performance. YORC products are also well suited for utility peak lopping plants and distribution generating facilities along with power management capabilities at large commercial or industrial sites in operation around the West African territory. Our engines are rugged and can categorically tolerate harsh ambient conditions.
YORC product portfolio is available in 20 kVa to 1,000 kVa range, and comes with an extensive warranty of 4-years or 3,500-Hours. They deliver maximized performance and excellent fuel consumption - with a low environmental footprint, while complying with all emission limits.

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