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Corporate Social responsibility (CSR) is a crucial part of our primary concern. We are committed to integrating our operations in all societies. We serve through helping and supporting social welfare programs and associations, as well as sponsoring events and activities that enhance social development of the Nigerian community.

Mikano takes part in several CSR programs across Nigeria. One of the biggest initiatives include; providing the Nigerian police with patrol vehicles to better combat crime. We supply and maintain police traffic stands across the nation, to better manage traffic and keep police officers safe from traffic and scourge of the sun.

In addition, Mikano regularly invites students and graduates of Higher Institutions such like; the University of Lagos, Lagos State University, American International schools, etc. for training sessions on site, and participates in every activity of the national engineering society in Lagos. We are also very supportive of national charities, yearly fundraisers, and sponsors at least 20 events annually across the nation.

By extending and supporting the societies, we continue to add value to the economic and social development of Nigerian people.